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Skins for the creatures


Maybe many users do not like the designs that are obtained from the creatures of the game so much when having them at the highest level. Many of us have been freaking every time we see that beautiful design of the bosses, or in some cases of those that are obtained when scanning the toys … Maybe you are interested in reading this suggestion for Ludia … And I could think of It would be a great idea to implement the famous “Skins” for the dinosaurs and the various creatures of the game. Skins that can only be accessed by having your creature at level 40, these skins can be obtained either by buying them through DNA (which would be the most logical since it would be taken as a change in the genes or something) Or either by means of the game’s coins, or by means of the tickets, and so that Ludia can continue having her income, that the user can buy with real money the best skins as the one of the famous bosses. Skins that have armored designs, other colorful designs, others with feathers, others with more claws, and special designs that the user can buy with real money …

Here I will be leaving a couple of modified screens of the game to give an idea of ​​where to find the menu of skins and more or less as the menu would look inside …

What do you think of this idea? I hope it’s supported, thanks for taking the time to read. :smiley:




Seems interesting, a different layer to the game. Would be cool if you could further modify the creatures stats with various skins…
One skin adding more health, another adding more attack, and another adding a balanced amount in each. Could be interesting.


Interesting, but better would be if a dino could gain experience (strength) if it wins a battle. One could add one point to health or attack if a dino is the one who finishes (wins) a battle. Would bring some kind of individuality to the creatures and gives you a chance to make weaker and possible useless dinos stronger if you place them clever in your setup.


I like it. Some of the level 40 dinosaurs look cool (e.g., Indominus Rex, Parasaurolophus), but most of them look either flat-out ridiculous (what is that dumb crest on the Velociraptor, or the dunce cap on the Troodon, or the Triceratops frill on the Pachycephalosaurus?) or horrifically twisted (like the spines coming out of the back of the Corythosaurus? Or the horribly deformed crests on the Pteranodon and the Pachyceratops?). So I’d take a skin option.