Skins poll

We have seen threads come and go of things ludia should bring to the game that WON’T DESTROY OR UNBALANCE THE ARENA anyway one that I have seen people mention is skins so decided to hold a pol to show ludia what type of skins we would like to see add for Dino’s in the game.

This will be multiple you’ve so choose wisely top 5 will “win” but in other words there the one we’ll show to the mods so they in turn show to the devs

  • Different color
  • Movie skins
  • Documentary skins
  • Male and female skins
  • Jurassic world the game skins
  • Jurassic park builder skins
  • Real life skins
  • Personalized skins
  • Battled damaged or scarred skins

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Also ps try to keep this at the top so everyone can vote yes even mods

I would find the battle damage and scarred skin to be a great addition. Kind of want the effect after every attack. But then again it would give the game a Mature rating


I mean they made an entire update dedicated to blood effects

True and if they made it so that it can be turned off, then it would be doable and would not effect the rating

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What is a personalized skin?

Basically you chose then color, pattern shading and stuff

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Hmm. I’m not sure if I like the idea. I want it to be sort of realistic.

Besides I don’t think the game could handle it.

I wonder what I would look like with battle scars :thinking: