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Please add skins for dinosaurs. Movie skins, scientific accurate skins and paleo art skins


Anyone never thought. Very cool!

We already have some of those. We call them "Gen 2"s.


Yes but i mean for example a bumpy skin, toro skin or rexy fallen kingdom skin. This would also be a way to get a playable raptor squad

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We did have a kind of Playable Raptor Squad during the Boosts Era, I’m not sure exactly how they worked because I joined in early 2020 but I remember there were interactive things you could do with those.

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If I remember correctly, you had to progress a bar for each of the raptors individually in order to get a booster or booster pack. I think it was filled up by coins, DNA, food, and DBs, sometimes it even had you spar the raptor with a creature, although you had to have it in your park. If you couldn’t do it I think you had the option to skip it with DBs. That’s all I can remember.


You both are correct. But with playable i mean like omega 09 outside of the raptor paddock. For how skins would work you either can add them on a dinosaur or as a extra character like in dragons titan uprising. Their costume characters are also playable separately

I just wanted you. I know it has nothing to do with it but you can tell me your favorite JW dinosaur so I’ll explain how to change the profile picture instead of the A one.

Either you can equip a dinosaur with a new skin or they’re playable characters like the raptor squad in jwa

I meant JWTG or JWA.

My favorite designs there are Pachyrhinosaurus and tupandactylus

These two boys?

Yes. They’re my favorite designs among real dinosaurs

Which would you like as a background?


Download the image and do what my tutorial tells you, you get there with the link.

To change the background

I’m done. Thank you


Legal fine