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Skip events by paying gems

Since many of us have connection problems, loading issues, game freezing in pvp etc… what about giving us the posibility of skipping some events by paying gems? I don’t mean all the events but the crucial ones where the prize is an exclusive item/character not obtainable in any way, so everyone can enjoy the new content and not feel excluded because bad game issues. Since a 3day free event/challenge book costs 800gems and gives 360 tries, i think 600/700gems it’s a right amount to pay to skip those challenges. What do you think?


i think it’s a good idea, maybe the price should be adjusted to 500/600 but it’s a good way to not lose some crucial item/character.

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That would be great. I don’t see it happening though.
They sell the legendary’s and Silverhand’s in the store already and they cost quite a bit more than that.
The characters they try to sell for $50 . That’s like 8000 gems. Going by them selling gems 16000 for 99.99

Hell if I could get the reward for just a couple hundred gems, I’d never do an event again :wink:

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Perhaps they could charge a higher one-time entry fee (another player once suggest 600 or 750 gem) to compete for the entire event. This would mitigate the cost of connection issues with players still needing to commit the time to get this discount.

However, regardless of connection issues, I consider farming challenges a fantastic alternative to the PvP events. Spending the same amount of time repeating Lightfinger Estate or Heartcoil Deeps [and perhaps the lower challenges] provide greater reward value than the events.

Additionally, rewards collected from challengers are either useful or can be sold to acquire gold to purchase useful items. This is not true for Events. In events players more often toil for 5+ hours and are frustrated to collect one of the useless legendary items. These legendary items have no value. they cannot be sold or traded.

Without even discussing the multitude of other problems with PvP events, the reward situation alone has been enough reason for me to avoid PvP events for many months.

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