Skip turn option now missing in battle mode

Not sure if it was on purpose BUT the skip turn option is gone. Likely replaced by the emote system since that is in the place it once was. Could you add the skip turn option back? Perhaps above, below, or inside the emote window? Waiting for the turn to end by itself is kind of annoying when you don’t want to move.

Also, small request… Could you add an option to concede a match in battle mode as well? Sometimes it is obvious that a match is lost but the players are forced to play it through to the end. Some might want to just concede after a stupid play or a massive turn by the other player. I feel it would make the pvp grind a bit less frustrating. Thanks for hearing us on the pvp roster thing… Even if we still have to build a list of random options… It’s a start.

  1. Skip Turn was never an option as highlighted in the announcement for the battle feature. I’ve always had to wait for the timer to end if I was disarmed and could not move.

  2. Agreed, that would be nice. White Flag!

Ah I guess I was mixing in what PVE is like, haha. That said, a skip turn & a concede option would be awesome in PVP. So would being able to choose your battle party but hey, can’t have everything.