Skitterbugs defect / breeding bug

I was here while playing, I noticed flaws with Skitterbugs. The dragon’s characteristics indicate that when using the ability, he adds spirit to all allies, everyone gets 35% of the spirit, but… he doesn’t. What does it mean? Skitterbugs also has some kind of fireball instead of lightning. Why?!

I wanted to attach a video, but the format does not allow to upload



I get it that the graphics don’t impact the gameplay… but attention to detail will bring and keep players into a game more than the gameplay…

I noticed the shiny new Skrill, Skitterbugs, uses a basic fireball attack when you activate his ability in battle. This basic disregard for accuracy modeling shows a level of not caring about content as long as it is new.

I noticed the same thing with the Harvest Stormfly. She uses a fireball rather than the flame stream that every other Deadly Nadder (minus the 2 star) uses. Admittedly, I only noticed that at launch and haven’t used her since I got her so that may have changed.

Ludia, you have got to step up your game and get these small yet important details right else you will likely loose subscribers. The HTTYD fan base is loyal to almost a fault … but continuous mistakes like the above mentioned will slowly drive them away.


For some reason you can’t get a duplicate skitterbugs when breeding him with Boltbeak. But you can when breeding a skrill with a boneknapper


You can breed unique dragons to get a unique dragons?? Or it’s just skitterbug’s bug