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Skoolasaurus Decent?

Would Skoolasaurus be a decent niche dino now since it has two rampages, one of them being a distracting one, as well as having armor and a shield, and SI Nullify? I know it isn’t top tier material, was just curious on thoughts about it after it got buffed.

Rampage should be changed to decelerating impact or is Sawp move changed to Swap in slow is Sawp move atm is useless

You do make a good point Mustard, but I believe the person above me knows better.

Yeah, without a slowing move, that does hurt it, and i do agree that SI Nullify is rather a bit more niche than the other swap in moves. Since Scolo is everywhere this week, I was deciding to get it to level 20 JUST in case they give it a superhybrid for whatever reason. They made a tournament exclusive one of the ingredients and made a Unique involving Diplod a thing after all :wink:

I’ve the same idea. gonna level it to 20 just in case there is its superhybrid in the future. Also, this Skoolasaurus really has great skills and stats like 2 Rampage, Long Protection, Nullifying Strike, Armor, High Health Point. Only thing that holds it back is damage stat. even there is damage boosts around but it won’t help much.

I just unlocked Legendary FishFrog today and it seems not bad, I like the looks of it as it reminds me of Gecko’s, which are my favourite lizard.

Also when I first started playing Koolie was my first epic and my original “Tank” lol, won 90% of matches that drew him!

But sadly there is no room on my team for it :frowning: