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I dig the appearence of the new hybrid skoolasuchus, but I have not seen ANY skoolasaurs!!! Can you even find them? Maybe they will be fetured next week? Maybe the these is: NEW HYBRIDS.
If someone has seen skoolasaurus can they reply with a pic? Thanks!

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it is a tournament reward as far as I know


Yes, it’s suppose to be a yet released arena exclusive. Nobody has seen it yet.


Not arena exclusive. Its coded as tournament reward


Hoping tournament reward doesn’t mean it can’t be released into the wild at some point sooner rather than later. Otherwise no one will have this created until 1.7 or later. I don’t see the point of teasing a hybrid as part of an update that won’t be obtainable during said update.


Exactly right! Same deal with monomimus unobtainable apart from cheats and op bots, by time we get it it will get nerfed!


Sorry my mistake


I know that valentines day is next week, so those 5 legendaries we picked might come out


Do we know which ones won?

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Probably the most useless ones :grinning:


Hello, Monolometrodon!


and monomimus! lol
well nevermind it has a hybrid now

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also don’t forget alankylosaurus :joy::joy:

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To the op metahub says its a worse tank the nodopatotitan. IF we cant make it we cant tell Ludia how terrible it is.

Everything is going according to plan.


How do you only have like 150 kooola!


I have 4k i have missed 5 becauss i wont stop for them ha