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Skoona Buff

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Can reduce attack to 1350 and lower hp to 5250. Here’s a buff to make it more cunning since it has like none besides group distraction so i upped it’s speed and attack and replace group distraction with impact and gave it a counter attack like sono. Updated, how is it now ?


I want it to have devastation but I doubt they would do that but this is probably the best it could be

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Same, I want it too.

the one in the image has either too much health or too much damage for how much armor it has. but the moveset seems nice. and i’d drop dot resist a bit lower due to it being on the tankier side. 25% at the lowest.

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While it does have too high damage and DoT resist, it’s PERFECT otherwise, I noticed my skoona is really dropping off…

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I updated it

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Yeah, that seems better.


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