Skoona tomorrow

So with the Sonorasaurus tournament coming to an end tomorrow it’s time for me to unlock skoona. The only problem is that I’m not sure who to replace it with. I do want to get a few levels on it though before I put it on my team to help keep it at the same level as my current team.

This is a picture of my team. I was thinking about replacing it with lux but wanted an opinion first

Once leveled, yeah, you’ll wanna replace Lux as they serve similar roles. If you’re looking to put it on your team right away, I’d replace Magna instead.

I think I will level up my skoona a bit first.

Actually, it would probably be better for you to swap out Spinoconstrictor for the time being, unless you’re coming across it’s ingredients pretty easily and frequently. Or Indotaurus tbh.

Hadros and Skoona may both serve similar roles, but the problem is, is that by dropping Hadros, you’re team’s gonna be shorter on the damage output it needs to keep up, and frankly you should really have at least two Resilients on your team anyway.

Dont replace it with lux. If possible, level skoona to 30 and max boost it by Health : 20, Speed: 5 and Attack: 5. You can get rid of the rhino

So you’re telling me that this build is the best?

I’m sorry to say but this recommendation is completely wrong, skoona shouldn’t have that much health/speed, neither should it have that little dmg… Skoona usually wonders around the 8-9k hp, 1.9k - 2k attack, And base speed or 110 (Also don’t get rid of mrhino, is still one of the best dinos)


It’s so not want to get rid of my rhino

I was not planning on removing rhino from my team

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yes 10chars

Why is my recommendation wrong? Skoona literally beat the rhino with same level, no boosts. I think you are wrong instead.

What are you talking about im am telling the fact. And it is a bit rude to say this