Skoonasaurus in JWTG

Make skoona in JWTG
It can be a legendary superhybrid of super koolaid and 4000 Sonorasaurus s DNA
After unlocking it costs 2000 s DNA to purchase
At level 40 the stats are 15287 health and 3793 attack
Hey Ludia put it in
Should we get Skoonasaurus in JWTG?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

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Depends of its an Amphibian.

I do like this idea, but people like their amphibians and wish for more and stronger ones.
But, more importantly, this would make people want to get Indoraptor more because it could be the only one to equal up to it so LUDIA might add it in.
But, Koolaid could be used in something new that we haven’t seen yet, or even thought of yet. :thinking::thinking:

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Great, let it terrorize JWTG too!

I would like skoonasaurus but i don’t think he should be made from koolasaurus since his original hybid component skoolasaurus can still arrive (unless they decide to import koolabourgania) so we need 2 things

  1. Scolosaurus and koolasuchus gen 2 so we can get skoolasaurus
  2. Tournament s hybrids (in chase these two are tournament creatures)

Yep. And there’s still a chance we can get skoolasaurus so there’s no need to change skoonasaurus components

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