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Skoonasaurus Rework (Raid and Arena Viable)

The current Skoonasaurus is terrible. It’s too slow, can be slowed itself with a speed reduction resistance useless for its speed, damage too low and can’t make it any better, and focuses too much on being a worse max or gemini.

I reworked it to be raid and arena viable, and would likely be a popular choice in the arena despite its delays and cooldowns on its new moves to take something out and injure something else. Its role is now group deceleration, shields, distraction, vulernable dealer, taunter, and counter attacker (Don’t worry. It’s a medium decelerating one). Its new moves were given delays and long cooldowns for arena balance and the likelihood of them being used in raids.

Thoughts on the rework?

  • FAR too much.
  • A bit too much.
  • Perfect!
  • Needs improving.
  • FAR too little.

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I’d probably use this one in the arena since my endgame team is a little bit armor lacking lol. Also edited out changes since it’s unneeded imo.

I say to make it perfect, give it SV, and devastation but keep that attack like it is rn, same with speed. Counter is good although medium resilient counter is perfect for it.

Didn’t give it medium resil counter on purpose. I just felt it wound make it way too much to deal with. Superior Vulerability and Devastation could be interesting for it, since we lack a unique that does that

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I mean consider this is now one the hardest to make creatures I think it deserves power but I mean standard power not ludia power


True, but you know Ludia. Spinoconstrictor is still one of the worst uniques despite them clearly saying creation difficulty dictates power level


True but it’s kit and role also hold it back

can we have one patch where we aren’t immediately changing creature kits before they’re even unlocked? :sweat_smile:

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Plus others like tryko and nemys are almost their but their just a bit off ( tryko just needs a bit more hp and nemys just needs more output)


What? No. It’s Ludia. We’ll always have something to complain about

I mean almost all other counter attackers are aggressive and have attacks to go with their counter yet dilophoboa and constrictor are really passive. I mean they’re some of the only counter attackers that have passive counters. The age of stalling is gone it was gone in 2.0 and constrictor really can’t do much against tanks you know what its supposed to counter when resilient just shuts down all of it survivability. ID, resilient strike; evasive stance, resilient; even if it had sidestep back, resilient. And thats the problem and ik some like @Qiew would argue other wise but I understand where y’all come from but in my opinion a passive bleeder isn’t really a good bleeder. I mean the best bleeders in the game are thyla and spinonyx for a reason and that is they can actually finish off opponents or leave them super low that they can usually guarantee a KO even if their down and they also have the health to take some hits. So i feel for spino to actually be good at its job it need to go more offensive and less defensive now you cant do that with the counter cause double bleed would be super op. Like its got the ingredients to really make it a super good dino/bleeder but its just not being done.

Like for me this should be Spinoconstrictor
4,200 hp
1,200 attack
122 speed
20% Crit
(100% speed decrease resistance; 100% stun,100% crit,100% swap prevention)

Cunning strike
Lethal wound
Fierce Rampage
Constricting impact ( Deal 1.5x damage; swap prevent opponent for 3 turns, vulnerable for this and next turn)

Now its the best bleeder can handle almost anything thats not immune to bleed or vulnerability. So you can go with the slow tick death of LW+FR or go for the more lets say direct combo CI+FR

Now for dilophoboa i thinks fine i guess although replacing SS with ID would be better for chompers and fierce creatures

Ik I went off topic but ludia seriously needs to buff it sorry @SonicNTGD


At first i didn’t want It to lose wounding counter, it’s such a cool ability, but this is a good rework. I would like this build in the game. Would keep on escape evasive strike though. I feel like wounding counter would be better for a more bulky creature. A cunning fierce like constrictor isn’t built to stall resilients, It can’t do anything about resilient moves even If It was immune to decel. Perhaps a a resilient armored bleeder would be the perfect candidate for having wounding counter instead of constrictor.
A megalania hybrid comes to mind

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I don’t like the nerf to HP and buff to damage. I think the original stats are better. The bulk It has with 5700 HP and 30% armor is monstruous, i wouldn’t want to take that away just for 100 points of damage.
I like the kit, everything looks perfect except the group distraction shield. If this ability were to exist in the game It would have a delay of one due to the invincibility shield. For It to work on raids It needs to be available on the first turn. So i would just change the invincibility shield to a 50% one. Or just leave It as the original group distraction, since the other ability already gives shields.

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Ya that’s really the problem if you really think about wounding counter is a worse rending.

Yeah, it’s a cool ability but It needs to be in something bulkier, spinocon isn’t It even with an HP buff. It seriously needs a rework.

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add devastation instead of decelerating rampage

and a cooldown for strikes are not needed
miragaia has no cooldown shielded decelerating strike

this is a lot
really it should only be
Group deceleration, Distraction, Vulnerability, counter-attacker, and shields