Skoonasaurus VS Ardentismaxima Sneak Peek (JWA Battles Previews)

Ardentismaxima can be seen from foot view, walking through a plain grassfield with pterosaurs flying in the air and bellowing. It eats some of the leaves from trees. Skoonasaurus emerges from the water after walking for a bit in there, and see Maxima eating what it considered its tree. It rushed to Maxima and smacked him with his neck, causing Maxima to be pushed back and causing the tree to fall. Maxima begins to stomp, causing mini-quakes that go Skoona’s way, Maxima hoping Skoona could fall in. Skoona counters with its own stomp, the cracks going around itself, giving it a small space separating itself from the quaking ground. The two titans begin stomping again, causing an explosion similar to their critical stomps in-game.

Skoonasaurus VS Ardentismaxima

Relased On: 12/13/2020

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End result, they both end up falling through a crack in the earth they caused. This is what earths idiots would call



Yep… should sauropods actually decide to fight that would probably happen lol.