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Skoonasaurus needs a taunt shattering rampage like arden

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check 2nd move
group decel rmpg


Just you…

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group decel rmpg
987 x 2 = 1974

can you explain your point well? I do not get it

It does not need GSR but it does need the counter attack they took from Tryko. If it had its components counter it would be pretty solid

There isn’t any fierce in its bloodline. If anything it should have medium resilient counter.


don’t think she needs a a shattering move. she’s not supposed to be a clone of the other two towers, but instead her own unique thing


it shouldnt have shattering if not one component ever had it, maxima had a fierce creature

what are you talking about?
its not fierce?
it doesnt have shattering moves
skonora is resilient-cunning

its attacks needs to be alot stronger i know that

The OP wanted it to have it. I was responding that i don’t think Skoona needs it.

His 3 heirs do not exceed 1k damage, if we were fair, having that damage is a privilege. none of its components is fierce therefore it is stupid to obtain it, what if it should have is more cunning essence or medium resilient counter

I agree with Qiew. Skoonasaurus is composed of a Cunning-Resilient and a pure Resilient creature, therefore, it only makes sense that the resulting creature is a mixture of the same class. I also wish that it would get the Medium Resilient Strike Counter - that would put it together as a hybrid worth fighting with.

…What if it had a counter similar to Tip the Scales?


It should rather have distraction impact or rampage IMO, it’s cunning fierce yet has one cunning aspect

This was my rework of Skoona image

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Rampage+devastation=5x damage already(+potential bone breaking attack)
That counter is good but devastation makes it too good against many dinos(except fierce,but I’m not sure too)
I think that bone breaking attack is unnecessary.maybe the counter attack but without any kind of vurlneability?because with that counter you don’t have to do can just wait through turn one,do vurlneability and you can do rampage(3x damage with bones broken)and you’ll have devastation ready for turn 3.counter can stay


I like group devastation but i ithink group decelerating is more useful.shields are a bit too op in raids or arena but they are good i think.good job👍

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You brought up some good points this version is right next to Maxima and Gemini