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Skoonsaurus overtaking Maxima in raids and PVP

Is the Skoonasurus going to be used in raids more than maxima once people get it to higher levels. This sauropod has 50% sitract resist, group sitract, same attack, only 10% less crit, and 30% more armor. It also has the same move sets other than maximas second rampage which isn’t need because a chomper on a raid is almost guaranteed. It might even be able to beat maxima in a 1v1 cuz maxima no longer has any distract resist. For example:

Maxima: Group Decelerating Rampage (4,020 hp left for Skoona)
Skoona: Group Decelerating Rampage (3300 hp left for Maxima)
Maxima: Taunt Shattering Rampage (4,020 hp left for Skoona)
Skoona: Group Distraction (3300 hp left for Maxima)
Maxima: Resilent Strike
Skoona: Instant Incinibility Taunt
Maxima: Taunt Shattering Rampage (1620 hp left for Skoona)
Skoona: Group Decelerating Rampage (900 hp left for Maxima)
Maxima: Resilient Strike (780 hp left for Skoona)
Skoona: Resilient Strike (Maxima Dead)

Skoona wins

Skoonasaurus handle better grypolyth or mammolania?
No,they both have their strengh
oh and turn 2,instead of rushing into a trap,use your resilient strike,you win…
Its a mind game.
And why when skoona got his deceleratingg rampage ready you didnt shield?

He have 107 speed,making him slower than tryko,he have aswell 75% decelerating immunity,so it can be slow.

He will be great on raids,barely balance on pvp

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Wait what, why is HP 4020 twice

Thats cuz group distraction elimnated the rampage

Group Distraction only distracts for 50% if I remember correctly though

No. No high t2 damage and less crit.

It could work in raids (specifically Mortem and maybe Magnus) but arena wise I don’t think it’s gonna get far. It’s like Nodopato, super thick but no output


Not sure I’m really on board with your explanation of Ardentis vs Skoona. Group Distract only removes 50% damage, not 100%, and you don’t have Ardentis taking advantage of its own Invincibility move against Skoona’s Rampage. You’re basically having Ardentis play kind of dumb here, and even then I’m not sure it adds up since Skoona would actually still take a fat 1200 damage on round 2, which would put it down health that it needs to defeat Ardentis at the end (and even if it didn’t… why doesn’t Ardentis use GDR on the final turn? That would be adequate to overcome the 780 damage discrepancy).

I think Skoona only beats Ardentis if Ardentis predicts Skoona’s moves very poorly–like to the point of almost intentionally playing bad. That’s not even accounting for any possible crits. I think Ardentis beats Skoona pretty comfortably TBH, though I would argue Skoona is better against Cunning creatures since it’s less vulnerable to distracts and has armor, which Cunnings aren’t amazingly-well equipped to deal with. Even so, I think something like Dioraja, Tryko, or even Mammo are better options than Skoona for that since they’re a little more flexible against other classes

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Maxima: GDR (4,020)
Skoona: GDR (3300)
Skoona: Group Distraction
Maxima: TSR (2,820)
Skoona: IIT
Maxima: Resilient Strike
Maxima: GDR (1140)
Skoona: GDR (1620)
Skoona: Group Distraction
Maxima: TSR (780)
Maxima: Resilient Strike
Skoona: Dead

Maxima might be better in pvp against this one, resilents and other fierce but I would say is worse in raids because if the taunter can taunt, decelerate, shiled, and distract, thats pretty good. No one’s gonna get it for a while now

Yeah, I do think Skoona will be a better tank in raids in general than Ardentis, but I’m still not sure how superior it will be to Tryko or especially Dioraja depending on the raid. I think Skoona, more than totally supplanting Ardentis or Tryko or Dioraja or whatever, will simply enable more diversity in what people can actually use in these raids. Like, there will be instances in which your team’s choices will favor Skoona, and instances in which they favor Dioraja, and instances in which they favor Ardentis :man_shrugging:

Skoona won’t be coming for some time, so we don’t have to worry.


It’s most likely next months championship reward though :flushed:

Judgement day is coming

We have been discussing this in her recent Dinosaur of the Day post. She doesn’t appear to be all that good for the Arena and with her abilities she seems better suited and arguably more useful for Raid battles.

She’s still looks like a horror