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Skrill and Singetail

Well, new species is Singetail

“The Skrill is the Singetails’ natural predator and the Skrill’s electric blast can neutralize its fires.”

Will this fact influence on gameplay somehow?

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Like Skrills are locking Singetails’ abilities

I think it would be too stupid to do it that way. 4* and 5* skrill both have conterattack, so maybe they have some ability that can easily trigger counterattack? That would be a good way.

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The singetail is a perfect dragon for pyromaniacs like me.

If we adopt everything in the lore then I guess my 5-star original toothless will beat most other dragons — where is my leading character special effect? :man_shrugging:

the skrill is equal to toothless at least. here why toothless cant kock a shingetail with out effort

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that is true.