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Will the Skrillknapper be in Dragons Rise of Berk, it exists in Titan Uprising, so I wanted to ask

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I hope not. Hybrids kind of make sense in Titan Uprising game-wise, but their existence in the franchise is a bit ridiculous to be honest. Night Lights are acceptable, Night Furies and Light Furies are closely related dragons (just like horses and donkeys are in real life, which allows them to produce offspring). The Skrillknapper on the other hand lacks credibility. The Skrill and the Boneknapper have nothing in common and they’re even in the same class. Plus, there’s the enormous size difference, which in theory would result in the impossibility of even reproducing. It is as if a lizard and and alligator would try to reproduce.


Those might even be as closely related as Russians Blue and Persians… Certainly they appear identical except for coloration, and they’d hardly be the only instance of dragons in HtTYD that differ in color but are certainly intended to be the same species.

…only if they’re doing it naturally. (Although I suspect Berk doesn’t have the tech for AI, so it’s a fair point…)

Dean DeBlois himself confirmed that Night Furies and Light Furies are closely related species, hence the ability to produce offspring.