Skullcrusher help

I joined the fight club like many of you and have maxed out skullcrusher. Asking for help on breeding so I can train him to 4 star level. Getting 10 trust points a chest will take even longer with the recent changes so that isn’t going to help

Try breeding him with Flank Tanker. If he’s breedable.

And, uhh, in your posts you must tug the name of the game (Dreamworks Dragons: Titan Uprising) and category (here it is “Help & Support”) just under the title, so that the more people from our game see your post. Welcome to the forums.

You cannot get him through breeding. Only way to get him is the trust points you get from flight club boxes


So its kinda impossible to het him. Because Duty quests are too hard. So get 1 chest in 2 days. You need 1000. IT Will take you 200 days to get him…

Yeah… So you will have to stay a subscriber.

Thanks for the feedback and this sucks. I have one maxed out at 3 stars needing another skullcrusher to level up and my other one has 300 trust points of 1000. So as a subscriber, given a chest every two days is even hard to do now, I might get lucky by Christmas.

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I get 2 chests a day , it’s possible, coordinate your tasks accordingly with your energy. I’m at like 700 skull tp

If you’re lucky, you can open 2 a day. However, when they give you the most difficult duty one by one, it is impossible to open 2 chests a day. Most I got the last 12 hours are hatch 15 dragons, level 15 dragons, earn 40000 fish or 20000 coin, each 2 to 3 times. I felt nothing but frustration.


some of our members even make it to 3 chests per day (i sleep to much for that) but it’s possibly if you are lucky. 2 chests a day isn’t hard at all. focus all your energy on the most efficient route to get keys with your current duty’s. i’m at 830 now. it takes a little planning and tactic but you can get 2 without paying for a single energy.