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OK, I’m not into boys but I have to admit that the Skylar (and whomever the counterpart is) storyline is :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:.

I love a whodunit and this story has me hooked.

Why can’t any of the girls have interesting storyline like this too?

I mean, bad girls can be just as much fun as bad boys!


Skylar/Jaden is easily my favorite male route and just below are Wyatt, Seth and Daniel

Felicia really needs to be released ASAP and Pamela intrigues me also. But hell I need Sage/Vittoria and Jasmin/Kayla back also


Agreed. Those two (four) were the only girls who had a story that was more than just being an influencer or something.

Although I wish I had matched with Jasmine, not Kayla.

I want Felicia and Skye too. Skye looks like she might be an athlete, maybe an MMA fighter or something so that could be cool.