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Slap in the face?

Thanx for nothing :confused:

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it’s a pretty nice challenge for VIP, I get three free tries, and a 20 is 1000K gold (x3 so it would be 3K) I’m happy

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My point is they have made it hard enough to play without paying and then they are gonna release a challenge like that? Ridiculous in my opinion…but I’m glad your happy at least.

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i can dig your frustration, gold is so scarce. I’ve been playing since November and have made a few different posts about it and ways to fix it. I have a nice stock at the moment, but if I decided to level up all my gear that I don’t use I wouldn’t get any levels to show for it, and would run out of gold before I finished all my upgrades.

edit: this is my first month purchasing VIP, and so far I think it will be my last. This is a game I play on the side for 10-15 minutes a few times a day. it’s not a game you can play for 5-6 hours solid (which is too bad because I love D&D and would love to be able to play this for long periods of time)



I have managed this only using free gems from offers…I feel for less than a week of play I am doing ok. But the grind is getting to me.

250 gems is nice to be sitting on. the packs you can buy from the store for gems are not really worth it, unless it’s a double pack (rare store offer) or if you have a character that is missing many rare/common items. my suggestion would be to level the cleric and bard as soon as you can (gems for gold if you have the equipment to level) and pick up the warlock next. the rogue is a glass cannon and the barbarian is a pretty good tank after about level 6-7 (with the right gear) but they aren’t great characters at the beginning

edit: level 5-6 after a week is pretty good, slows down a little until level 7-8 when you start being able to equip epic items, game speeds back up momentarily when that happens.

I had almost 500 but bought the 60 gems worth of coins a few times…which did help a lot. Otherwise I would still be stuck back at level 5. Lol

Two characters at level 7. One more close. Problem is that I made the mistake of not taking the Bard early. He’s level 4 and I need 1 more level for his room in Frostsilver.

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