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SLEEP IN..... and join an Aussie based clan


Don’t want to wake at 1am just to be in the running for points with your existing clan… Then consider joining a local one… And bonus… get your sleep in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Name change in the works… To be voted on by members.

Here it is… My last ditch attempt… I don’t care about if you play for free, or make in-game purchases, what level you are, or the quality of your dragons… but that you are willing to stand up to the Alphas no matter the anormaty of the battle that awaits.

If you enjoy playing morning and night (as in 12 hours apart) then my clan is waiting for you.

I understand that in a croud of endless clans bidding for everyone’s attention, it’s hard to get noticed. So if by some amazing chance I’ve cought your attention, then you know where to find me. Alternatively leave your GamerID# and I’ll invite you. :alien:


Hi there, I see your strong pun game and acknowledge it.
It’s really tough to start your own clan because everyone has settled.
If you ever choose to join a clan instead, feel free to join us at ‘Sons of Odin’.

With your aussie timing it must be tough to hit the alpha before it just disintegrates, however I offer a solution by keeping just the right amount of members to take down the alpha. Reaching 2 star alpha by tomorrow and we could use the help.
Cheers mate.


I agree that a smaller clan makes sense for these 1⭐ alphas, but I feel that if I joined a clan that is based else where… that it would be all over once I wake 6 or 7 hours after a new alpha drops… I think I’m going to try the poaching method… ie those who don’t want to wake at 1am just to score point.
In the mean time I’ll keep playing and claim my first chest in a couple more days… I’m in no hurry… just enjoy playing :alien: