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Slight Adjustment to the Hatchery

I believe this topic may have been post some time ago. But I which to put my voice on it.

Dear Ludia developers.

I really believe you should implement a slight change to the hatchery system where in between the 1* random colour egg option and the 2* green egg option there should be a 2* random colour egg option, just like the 3* random colour further down. So so us players could get 2* eggs from the hatchery without having to use our precious coloured scales.

I know that you want us players to use our scales so we’ll buy more. But we already use heaps on training our dragons in the first place.

Please hear me out


I agree with @Cormac_Luker.

When can we see a 2* dragon in hatchery @Marcus and @Ned ?


Hey Cormac_Luker, thank you for the suggestion!


We used to be able to sorta. 1 star hatching had a chance at 2 stars. They took that away early on