Slight buffs for some of the struggling uniques

There are many good uniques in the game. All the top tiers are either uniques or apexes, but not all uniques are created equally. Some of these buffs are kinda needed while others can be controversial. And lets start off with a controversial one:
1. Magnapyritor While mags may already be strong, it is beginning to fall off thanks to swap-in damage with the help of the resilient meta. Usually what happens with mags is that it is either outclasses or put in range of a swapper by something like mortem or tryko. So I made a slight tweak to help magna out a bit to try and keep it relevant:

This helps it with swappers without anything else added.
2. Poukendactylus Poukendactylus is bad. It can get 1-shot quite easily by something like spyx. But poukendactylus has a beautiful kit, one of the strongest around for a cunning.
I had made this on escape ability for the eagles, but the stats and immunities ae what is needed plus some extra damage. Now it can really do some big damage
3. Spinoconstrictor This guy is a fan favorite itching for a buff. While somewhat solid, it does struggle with some things

Many of spinoconstrictor’s struggles involve hp, but now it has the hp to deal with threats like dio and mammolania, especially with cunning strike. And its punish game with swapping stays true to its serpentine ancestry with an impact. Finally, it got the immunity to stuns it needed with a decel buff too.
4. Entelolania. Entelolania is probably the worst unique and needs some love. So this is how I would rework this little fellow:

This guy needed some love, so here it is. Entelolania now has the speed to stay in the game as well as a stun immunity like moth. It also has a vulnerability counter paired with PFS and a multiplier to make it a force to be reckoned with.
5. Erlidominus One of the original uniques, erlidom is struggling quite a bit right now, but luckily there is a simple and easy fix for erlidom:

While dece immunity is a bit taboo for a cunning, that doesn’t mean resilience still hurts it. Armor and shields still obliterate poor erlidom and this makes it relevant again.
6. Antarctovenator Not much needs to be said. Any damaging counter will do, whether it’s precise or decelerating. Null counter is meant for speedsters like procerath.
7. Dracoceratosaurus A lesser version than its parent, dracocerato struggles with the resilient meta.

This build allows it to do the standard draco move while also having some sort of place in the resilient meta, but can distract and shatter instead of being just cunning like it was originally.
8. Skoonasaurus This thing is a bit of a mess. While built for raids, there is little point in using it over max or gem really, so it needs something

SV gives it better output when paired with the counter and the decel rampage still stays, and it also has the ability to stall until said rampage with the priority moves
9. Pterovexus Vexus is ok at the moment, but its role is basically to come in once and then become a kamikazee.

Like scaph, it gained no escape to help trap, while ghaining the better cleansing swoop. This guy works like dimodactylus so that it can constantly come in and trap and then leave with swoop
10. Thoradolosaur Thor is OK, but not great. It needs something to kinda help it out.

Giving it 108 now allows it to compete with creatures like tryko and dio and the 5% armor helps with something like mammolania. It just needed a bit of a push


Big edit (accidentally clicked publish)

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i really like this but maybe give thor 10% cuz 5% is kinda useless. its something but sino did have 25 so with two carnivores 10 is fair.

Actually, many creatures are able to do 4500 without piercing armor like mammolania, so actually it does help. If the hp was lower than that could be true, but it does actually make a difference

ah, ok. i just saw 5 and was like its kinda small.

i personally would dread a thor speed buff. but thats just me barely dealing with speedy ones as is.
also, i would swap thors group attacks. have the impact be a group attack and the rampage be a normal fierce rampage. and loose the dot resist. (biased? yes)


With numbers like 4500 and 3000, small changes like that make a big difference

Shoot, forgot about that. I would too to make it better for raids again, but luckily we have mortem now to deal with raids as well

but mortem cant be used in the unique raids. so making thor raid viable would help people there. maybe even in apex raids when a mortem is unavailable.

True true. I will probably go back and fix that

I too dread a Thor speed buff but for different reasons. Thors which are too fast are unusable in raids. Particularly the Hadros Lux and Gorgotrebax raids.

I edited it so now you have both group moves, now allowing for some variability

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I think spinocon buff a bitt too much ( sidestep +4350 hp +1300 damage + instant distraction + wounding counter = instant death ) i will just give her 4000 health and replace ES with sidestep

You mags and spyx are still going to do very well with constrictor. I can see that though

@Ozora_Nadhif Yeah I kinda toned it down a bit. I think 4050 and 1250 attack is a bit more manageable. I still want this to be strong though

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I’m good with everything here except for one, and that is erlidom; it doesn’t need 100 decel for sure. Especially that even right now erlidom can be just boosted beyond its counter in speed it’s super strong IK cause I use it a lot, slowing and tanks should be it’s counter. What shouldn’t is a Thor. And that’s where my proposal comes in, make cloak 100% chance to dodge cause it really needs it revenge cloak is one of the worst revenge most cause it’s literally sheer luck it you can use it next turn or use it without taking lethal damage. So I say this increase hp to 3,600, and make cloak 100% chance to dodge and that should help greatly.

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I like the vulnerable counter and the fierce you added in from moth. Idk what but it needs work badly. Its like a partial raid creature and a bad arena creature among the worst uniques…


Can you make an antarctov with a damaging counter? It could be a really neat unique if it just had that.

The problem with that is

  1. Most uniques and legendaries don’t have high armor except for a few

  2. Most of its counters rn are only counters cause they can slow down erlidom remove that and erlidom loses so many counters

  3. Most uniques don’t have shields especially instant one so there gonna take a hit and with the way invincibility works it’s pretty hard to guess exactly when they would go for cloak

But that’s really my only problem the rest I like although evasive strike on mags is weird maybe ferocious strike?