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Slight buffs for some of the struggling uniques

But almost all the top tiers have shields and/or aromor. Out of all the current tyrants, it really only kills spyx, tenrex, and magna. Tryko, mammolania, and dio tank the heck out of it, gem and hadros do so much damage to it it dies. Even monolorhino can take it. Then you have creatures like testa and smilo who also crush it

It’s not evasive strike, just evasion

The thing it really needs is more damage and speed, and pfs and the counter gives it output

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I will say this until it happens


Didn’t have a batter name, but it’s starting to grow on me

These all seem pretty solid. I think Testacornibus and Quetz should be tweaked as well to be made relevant. Testa maybe getting a bit more attack/HP and Quetz either getting a bit of its attack back or adding some damage to its counter.

The only one I’d say becomes OP with your changes is Dracocerato. With this buff, it can basically come in and kill longnecks almost cleanly. Especially with decel immunity, it can freely swap in during decel rampage, tank the hit, and proceed to kill/almost kill. Additionally, cleansing shattering impact is in itself pretty overpowered. A 1 turn delay would at least prevent it from wreaking house. Or perhaps giving it cleansing shattering strike.

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Magnapyritor is fine tho

Not really, with mortem and tryko, their turn 1 puts them in swap-in range

Just make Erlido a true 75% chance to cloak/dodge/revenge. I swear mine fails 90% of the time. I checked several days in a row doing multiple battles and always activating cloak… it fails almost all the time.

Grypolyth should be added to this list and it hasn’t even officially been nerf’d yet :tired_face:

Grypolyth was slightly nerfed overall. It can still deal with top tier threats like ceramagnus. It does much better than creatures like erlidom, thor, and pterovexus

The one that needs a percentage of armor again is the Ardentismaxima, now it can fall easily, without its armor, the Thoradolosaur is fine so no more benefits please, although I am one of the many who use it in their team, the Erlidominus does not need Having immunity to slow down as it would be nearly impossible to beat him as he will always attack first, and compulsive spenders will push him to full speed, the Spinoconstrictor should revert to the poison spitting animation when it does the bleeding counterattack.

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Max could use some love. Hate that it’s basically a worse gem. Thor kinda stinks being super slow and kinda frail. As for erlidom, usually it will go first no matter what. Smilonemyes, mammolania, tryko, and so on. Armor and shields will still wall erlidom