Slight change to strike towers needed


I absolutely love this event , but I think they need to make it that you can battle the towers in the same radius as you can dart, It’s very weird sitting outside someone’s house on foot or in a car, sooner or later I’m sure the police are going to knock at the window and ask what are u doing.
“Just catching dinos officer” sure they will be laughing all the way to the police station with me :slight_smile: also with the epic ones that’s like 15/20 mins to do.
Anybody else agree?


Fully agree


Um, this actually happened to us last week. We were sitting in an empty lot too long and people at the gas station across from it asked the local cop to check on us. Hehe. We were like, um, just playing dinosaurs officer! He wasn’t really sure what to say–it was hilarious. :slight_smile:


We have had strike zones outside peoples houses. Like 7 battles and we’ve been chased away by a gun and two big men. It’s absurd


I very rarely get to do them in the day so most of the time it’s early morning , It’s 10x worse in the dark , people must think am going to rob them.


Totally agree. Collecting a SD only takes seconds. You can hit it and move on at a steady walking pace. Tackling a strike tower can take 20 minutes or so (check out what you’re up against, assemble team, complete 3-7 battles against 1-3 dinos, go through all the animation for battling/winning/collecting incubators). I haven’t had anyone call the police about me loitering, but there have definitely been times when I would have preferred to be able to play the towers from a nearby cafe (rather than standing out on a downtown street) or a residential main road (rather than in an alley/back street that’s public but there’s no real reason for non-residents to be there). Yes, I know you can engage the battle and move away from the tower location, but seriously walking back and forth to the same spot every couple minutes for 20 minutes isn’t less weird…


Both me ánd the police got used to this already with gyms in pogo, now they use me as an extra surveillance car during the night, so just get to that point and you’re good to go @Carl_Brown xD


Agreed. Some of the strike events are in major intersections that are dangerous even on foot. I wish they had a better way of accessing them without drawing so much attention. Parks are great but other than that something needs to be done.