Slithering Team of Snakes

I am actually enjoying this team of snakes plus Albertospinos as I’m trying it out. I really couldn’t find a good 8th since there is only 7 snakes. I’ve played a lot of games but have only gotten to play Troodoboa once. 50/50 win/lose as always. No boosts on any of these. I’m hanging in the 4500-4600 trophy range in the bottom of Avairy so I’m playing against a decent variety of different creatures.

Hydra Boa does help for the wins I get and I like to pull it out last when I get it. This is a team that often punishes swappers for swapping which is the fun part.

Below are 4 other Apex’s I just got in the last week so I will be making theme teams with those also till I have them all. I’ll be starting to fuse the Apex bear this week. It will be a slow process like raiding but without the raiding.



Hope to have that team myself one day, congrats! and who knows, maybe ludia will add giganthophis to make the 8th


And other snakes like Yurlunggur, Wonambi and Madtsoia would be nice too


I really wanted this one and it would be the 8th snake in the game


I still hope that Titacaulus comes one day to complete the team…


I like it too I voted but it sill didn’t come out.why do people like the indotuarus?

Like it? I made I custom ability one

Do you really think, we got Indotaurus because of our votes?

Considering how overrated the Indom family is, I don’t doubt it, and the fact that by that time we didn’t have the pressure of needing Carno for all the Scorps. Why would Ludia even make a poll if at the end they would choose what they want, what would be the benefit?

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Because indominus fanboys :confounded:

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Absolutely. The only thing “unbelievable” about the vote is creature markers

Snek army go. :sweat_smile: