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Slow clap for Ludia (Event Spawns)

Congrats Ludia, you outplayed us again. You overlapped the common spawns over the rares and epics and i had very few chances to get any rare irritator dna because all i kept seeing were common irritator, the dumb ostrich, and amarga. I woke up today excited and ready to go dart Grypo. 30 minutes and 20+ green spawns later and i have seen 0 grypo or smilodon. Why is this you may ask? Because once again you had to screw with something that wasn’t an issue and make it annoying to get anything properly done. You messed with event spawns, got backlash, changed it back to normal, then did this and screwed it up again. I drove over 150 miles collectively over the course of 2 days and found only 12 rare irritator. I have driven 20 miles so far today and found 0 epics. Im not about to waste my gas just to get a couple of attempts at grypo. There was nothing wrong with the event schedule until you started messing with it again. I would gladly drive around for an hour looking for dinos during an event before but with the way you’ve done it now i can’t bring myself to find it worth it, especially since its only 1 day to get these epics. Why do you guys keep messing with things that don’t need to be messed with? The old event schedule was FINE. Almost no one complained about it. Stop screwing everyone over by implementing things no one asked for, like stat boosts.


Everything but monday has an overlap and fri-sun has a 5 common dino overlap. Who in their right mind would want this? NO ONE

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I saw quite many Grypo actually … passed 10 stops, 8 stops were Grypo.

Im not sure if it was your bad luck or the area, but worth restarting your phone or looking for one later.

I prefer the overlap way more than only having one day to do 48 attempts.


Ludia instead of making at least one aspect of the game to be positive… NOPE! Make it all bad, just all of it, bad. :joy::joy::joy: all we can do is laugh and be disappointed, a little more each day



I did 30/30 Irritator, it was hard work though. Shot 20 at Monday so there was no overlapping. Other days 5 and 5 and it was done. But grypo, I only walked 500meters and saw 3 plus 1 smilodon. That’s not an issue.

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I actually like this type of week. And while there is alot of overlap, that is to be expected when they basically put two weeks into one


It definitely felt like there were more common event stops, I’ll give you that. But I also saw a lot of the rare drops too (haven’t been out since the epic ones), it’s just that far too many were occupied with either Tupan, Carno or Amarga. I couldn’t get the full 30 because of that.

I ended up having to do some errands so i got all of my attempts in. It still took a little over an hour to find 6. The ratio was terrible in most spots but for some reason certain places had them spawning heavier. I would rather have 1 day to do 48 attempts where its all 1 tier of dino vs what there is now. No one has a complaint as long as they’re getting lucky or things are going their way. I viewed this as an issue prior to the event even happening and most of my alliance members agree. There shouldn’t be an overlap. 48 attempts in 1 or 2 days is so so, you have time and the only things spawning are the tier you’re looking for. The common dna isn’t as rare or valuable as epic/rare/legendary/ or unique. Where it took me 15-30 minutes to finish my epic events before it now take alot of traveling and more time just to get 6 attempts done. There wasn’t an issue with the old schedule. Im dreading sunday more than today with there being way more commons showing up though.

This just encourages more people to play whilst driving,

I just dont get it anymore.

Ah, okay, yeah. Opened my game and there’s barely any epic drops, just loads of common ones. Annoying.

I’m experiencing much of the same. I only found 10 irritators the entire 3 days. The green drops either had a creature I didnt want or it was empty. They’re always empty.

I always wonder who does the thinking behind all of Ludia’s most terrible and dumbest ideas (ex: stat boost, nerfing the attack by some dinos by a little…)

Why do people complain about the overlap?

The commons, rares and epics all spawn at different points. I had about 12 rare drops that I knew of on Monday and they were all the same when I visited them Tuesday and Wednesday. No commons in sight, they were all under new points.

Sometimes I think people on here complain for the sake of complaining!

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Some people just get unlucky when it comes to where the spawns drop and what pops up underneath them.

A case of bad luck buddy. I know a few in my alliance who also had bad luck. Maybe ludia should populate them more just in case but I was lucky. And I tried very hard!

Turn more of the orange spinners to green. Could solve the problem. To ensure everyone gets the fair shots.

I had it worse, I had bad luck on St. Pats day…

Overlapping is not the problem. The problem is that they should increase the number of green drops accordingly.

Do you guys really miss the schedule where we have 2 days having nothing to do ?

Do what I do when I’m too tired from a hunt the night before, find a nice long bus route that travels through as many suburbs as possible.

You would be surprised how many epics I can find this way.

I managed to get all 30 done, but done it over 3 days and don’t own a car.

Though I do agree, they shouldn’t mess with things like they do, took me a while to find all 6 Grypo today with all the spawn pollution.

Edit: bus is also cheaper than gas/petrol and you can sit back and relax.

You had very bad luck or you live in the place with the worst Spawn in the world. I agree that maybe it was a bit excessive mixing the two spawn but I in two hours of play on Monday, three hours Tuesday and an hour and a half Wednesday morning I got 27 of the 30 irritator (it would have been 30 if I had not damaged the application with error 16/24 when arriving at work). I got the 6 crocodiles in an hour yesterday afternoon and one more hour this morning. It cost me much more than expected because most of the towers I found had smilodons. I live in a small town and today had 4 green towers but in the 26 km from my town to Barcelona I found a minimum of 20 green towers and only had to find 4 crocodiles.

I think they already do enough wrong things to criticize them so strongly with this, that it could be better, but I think it was not bad. Of course, it’s just an opinion.