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Slow down from 2.1 update

Every update I feel a slow down in many parts of the game, but from the last 2.1 update the game is so slow that I’m quitting.

Do you have the same feeling?

For me the game is running very smooth and fast.


Same here. No slowage at all.

My iphone6 has been hanging onto this game by its last strings. This update has finally convinced me to upgrade. These old phones just don’t hold up to new stuff too well anymore

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The raid dinos on the map are slowing down for me. Everything else seems normal though.

I sometimes experience lag but apart from that it’s running real smooth, better then before.

Actually, I have a three year old iPad mini 4. It is perfectly fine and actually loads faster than most games. Especially one with so much data inside of it. You either have horrible wifi or a bad phone. My friend’s is slow but that’s cuz his dad spilled water on it.

Rip me. I am still on a iPhone 5s

iPhone SE, so I’m halfway between you two, lol. I’ll upgrade when I can’t do anything anymore but that time isn’t now.

On my iPhone 11 the game runs ok beyond the normal issues with this app.

On my galaxy s8 their is a noticeable stutter that starts on the map and gets progressively worse the longer the app runs if I’m battling for long enough the animations will start to get weird and choppy a restart normally fixes it.

Apparently this is an uncommon issue, but I’m noticing an extreme increase in load times since 2.1.
After darting or battling or even just starting up the game, it takes ages for the game to respond again.
I used to be able to do a dart and loading session per minute, so just enough for giga, but now it takes about 90 seconds. It’s insane!
Device: Samsung Galaxy A50

I will try a full reinstall later to see if that helps.

Yeah and my experience and most complaints seem to be from android users… for me it gets much worse the longer the game runs. Which makes me think memory leak.

It would be interesting to know what devices are used by the Ludia team who develop the game.

So many of the supposed bugs in this game are down to the devices being unable to cope with the amount of data the game requires.

Sometimes I have the feeling they only use the fastest state of the art devices out there :slight_smile:
Mine’s not slow and it has plenty of memory, but with every update it gets worse.

Surprisingly some things did speed up a bit. For example when you switch back to the game, you can use the interface within a few seconds now. That used to be 15+ seconds on my phone. Also when driving it’s less laggy and clicking on supply drops is now actually possible, it used to be impossible when driving over 40kph

Tried a cache+data clear, no effect. Gonna try a full reinstall next, but in my experience it’s the same thing… We’ll see.