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Slow GPS

I have been playing Jurassic World Alive for long now. But while I was playing my GPS got messed up for no reason, it takes like a minute or two for it to update and it did not happend like this when I first time played the game, I checked the settings on my phone if the app permission for JWA was still turned on and I checked if the accuracy on my GPS was high. I even installed an app that should fix the GPS of none of these worked. So is there a way to make the GPS better and fix it?

Hey Deeno, our FAQ here has some troubleshooting steps for GPS issues that could help:

Also, depending on which device you’re using, see if you have the option to toggle off your Improve Location Accuracy setting. As some players had reported on this thread that toggling that option fixes their GPS issue: GPS marker in game don't move when Google Improve location accuracy is On

Try this method:
Launch Google map n see if it’s working.
If yes, launch the JWA game n try again.

If Google map is not working, it will prompt do u want to turn on device location.
Click Ok.

Launch the game n see if GPS works.
If still not working, turn off the Improve location service feature.

being inside a building can block the signal or if you’re passing through quickly (driving). When I have this issue I just turn on my WiFi (without connecting to a network) and it helps the signal

I’m having a similar problem. Map is working but no Dino’s or drops load. At first it was slow to load but now it has stopped all together. Tried the above advice but it hasn’t changed. Was on data when it started but now I’m on WiFi at home. Playing on iOS

Perhaps the mobile service provider in your area plays a part as well, esp if you use 4G network when playing this game outdoors.

I just got a new phone and it has a much faster processor and runs the game really well, including while driving.

My old phone would hang up a lot. I would still be moving but it would stop following.

I still use my old phone by tethering it to my new one to play my 2nd account simultaneously. It is very slow going into and coming out of darting. It is slow loading the game. Takes a minute where my new phone around 20 seconds.

Like I think your explaining, when I load the game or come out of darting sometimes on my old phone, it takes a while for the drops to load back. Turning off the improved location helped some but then when going inside buildings, I would get bounced one way or another up to a mile but that was fine, so long as the game worked.

Might be time for an upgrade.