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Bug Description:
The server response seems very slow last days. Can be seen on many things in the game.
for example:

  • spending dna to alliance, the response take about 3-4sec.

  • spinning the orange boxes takes about 4-5sec to earn the things

  • playing/feeding/acting with dinos in sanctuarys response also take 3-4sec to get DNA

How do you reproduce the bug:
Its everywhere

How often does it happen:
since 2-3 days.

What type of device are you using:
Xiaomi MI Note 10 (reinstalled the game, and also rebooted the phone)
OnePlus 3 (reinstalled the game and also rebooted)

Anything else?
See video I take:
video 1612638058 - YouTube


Same here. Sanctuary, orange and green boxes also 4-5 sec response.

Hi there trytogetme and Kacsa.

Can you please try rebooting your phone and also going to your device settings > WiFi, and then tapping your network to forget it? You can then try reconnecting to your WiFi network to see if that helps. If not, please message our team directly at so they can investigate and help further.


Tried all that, doesn’t work. Can’t do anything on the map without the spinning purple circle of doom showing up. This started after the emergency maintenance - seriously not impressed.

same thing for me and many in my clan having same issues supply drops dna donations ive reset house modem turned wifi off and on device turmed bluetooth off and on aeroplane mode off and on Still the same wait 4/5 seconds . on dna donations it only happens on the first press then normal speed for the other ones it’s a pain !!!

Its not regarding phone. All of my alliance members have the same issue. This is server-related!

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Oh good, I’m not the only one!
I’ve been experiencing this over the past couple of days, quite often.

Happens on 4g and wifi, already rebooted my device (Samsung Galaxy A50). No luck.

Playing from Europe (Netherlands). Most of my alliance is from UK or US, but have heard no other reports from them.

I have exactly the same issue. Spinning purple circle when opening supply drops, donating DNA etc. It’s not fun!

I’ve had the same problem for a couple days now. It does the same thing on or off of wi-fi. Done the reboot and restart but it persists.

I’ve been getting all of the above too.

I’ve had this for a few days. Caused this to happen today.

I have a slow response when receiving daily mission rewards (sometimes takes up to 5 seconds to process just one reward). This started with version 2.0, and it’s still there. Wondering if it’s related to this.

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I don’t think it is. This happens to me as well but I kinda blame my slow phone for most of it.
What we all describe her is something that started happening less than a week ago with lots of things that require server interaction. Only battles seem to be unaffected.
FIPping, collecting rewards, opening incubators, buying things from the store, starting a darting session, opening supply drops, donating, all cause the spinner. Sometimes it’s normal, sometimes it takes up to 5 seconds. It never seems to hang permanently, always works again after a couple of seconds.

Same here. Its already on the edge play - not play the game. Whole my aliance is angry about that. Ludia has to do something about it!

For me it started after the emergency maintenance. Ruins the gameplay experience … but at least people on Android aren’t getting double their purchases :man_facepalming:

Actually, speaking of that, might this be an Android only problem?

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It might. But it would help if people state their device or location in topics like these :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s a routing issue and US visitors don’t experience it. I don’t know where everyone is from in this topic, except for Colin and DinoGuy :wink:

Same issues with the lag. iPhone XS Max.

That kinda rules out iPhone… Location then? Anyone from the US experiencing this?

Preliminary report: It seems to have improved just now.

Situation has also improved on my end.

Took one whole week. By Ludia standards, that’s lightning fast for something that doesn’t eat into their profit margins. cough emergency maintenance cough