Slower dinosaurs going first

Bug Description: Dinosaurs with lower speeds going before faster opponent dinosaurs. This seems to be at random, with it going back and forth between the slower going first or not. Opponents dinosaurs did not have any speed increase/decrease moves, as well as my dinosaurs. So far I have noticed this with Thor and Phorurex

Area is was found in: Tournament levels, primarily for me is courses 17 and 18

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Just be in battle.

How often does it happen: On random, no clear reason as to why this occurs, but usually it seems to be on a dinosaurs first attack.

What type of device are you using: iPhone 12 Pro

Other: JWA speed bug - YouTube

Hey Tida, could I ask you to email our support team at with your support key and the battle details? It’d really help our team out with tracking.


@Ned thanks for all your help - you are appreciated around here! I can confirm this is an issue when 2.12 was released, though I was in campaigns and strike towers (which was to my advantage haha), not in the tournaments.

No worries, WhiteWolf1211! :smiley: And thank you for reporting your findings to us as well.

If you could also email our support team at with the battle details and your support key, it would really help our team out.

Happened to me during the Lythronax campaign. I was dead in the water but then my Thor went first and finished it off. I was definitely slower.