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Slowing Dilemma (POLL)

Just a random thought, what is the difference between Slowing moves, Decel moves, and Thagomizer?

In essence, they all slow a creature down by 50% for 2 turns, just with different cooldowns.
Slowing moves have 2 turns
Decel moves have 1 turn (excluding decel strike)
And for some reason, Thagomizer has 3 turns

The question has been answered, and the only other difference is its exclusivity to a specific species. Decel moves to Sauropods (excluding Decel Strike), Slowing moves to Ceratopsians, and Thagomizer to Stegasaurids. So to give them all distinguishing factors, as opposed to Ludia just rebranding the same move 3 times, I have some suggestions.

{Tweaked Speed-Reducing Moves}

  • Decel Moves (Stay the way it is)

  • Slowing Moves (Make it last 3 turns, so atleast the cooldown is worth it)

  • Thagomizer (Make it decel 75% or even 100% for 2 turns, so the cooldown is fit for it. Like debilitating distraction)

What do yall think?

  • They’re Good as is
  • Reworks work nice
  • Bad Reworks (please specify in comments)
  • I dont care

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That’s basically all there is to it.

Just found out the moves are exlusive to different species. I just realized that Thagomizer are exclusive to stegosaurids. While Slowing moves to Ceratopsians. And Decel moves to Sauropods.

If Ludia did mean this, maybe they need to atleast give each move a distinguish factor, not just do the same thing, just rebranded 3 times.

Thagomizer needs a cooldown buff.
3 is way too long for a 1.5x damage move, even if it does slow for longer.
Not like Stegosaurs are too OP to have a shorter cooldown since literally no stegosaurs have rampages


They probably changed the cooldowns for balancing reasons.

My Suggestion:
Tweaked Decel, Thagomizer, Slowing Moves.

Decel Moves (Stay the way it is)
Slowing Moves (Make it last 3 turns, so atleast the cooldown is worth it)
Thagomizer (Make it decel 75% or even 100% for 2 turns, so the cooldown is fit for it. Like debilitating distraction)

So what do yall think?

Stegodeus and Carnotarkus would disagree with that statement. But I suppose Carnotarkus isn’t relevant since it doesn’t have Thagomizer.

Some sort of balancing reason seems like the only justification for it. Otherwise they would have just used the same move.
I don’t know if it was deserved, but it seems Ludia thought it was.

If it wasn’t that, then I got nothing.

Lol I forgot Stegodeus existed.
But yeah I suppose it was for balancing back in the raptor meta perhaps when Stegosaurs were strong.
But Slowing Impact got a cooldown buff from 3 to 2 a long time ago, wonder why Thagomizer didn’t.

I have suggested changing Thag to 75% a few times before, so I agree with that.
As for Slowing moves, seems fair.

Wait, doesn’t Amargasaurus have Slowing Impact?

And on a mostly unrelated note, cooldowns don’t always make sense.
A prime example is stunning strike having a cooldown of 3 and a delay of 1, but instant charge only having a cooldown of 2 with the delay of 1.
Yes I know they buffed instant charges delays/cooldowns but no reason why stunning strike should have more cooldowns when it’s a direct downgrade for the most part

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I’m pretty sure Amargasaurus only has slowing impact for balance reasons, so it can’t spam alternate Decel Impact/Rampage. I don’t think it always had slowing impact though, although I never really paid much attention to it.

Doesn’t slowing impact work for 3 turns?

It does make sense, in a way. GSS has a high chance to give you an extra turn if you’re slower. In contrast, the only way for IC to give you an extra turn, is if your opponent does a priority move, youre slower, and the opponent is not gonna use IC. So with IC, if you want to try to earn an extra turn, you have to time it right, such as when your opponent uses Bellow, Dig In, etc. And even then its still a gamble like GSS, since both only have a 75% chance to work. Thankfully, often times the favour is with the user.

I guess it depends on the Dino.
Tanks like ceratopsians benefit from the non-priority stunning, but things like Thor would suffer without priority stun, since it’s frail and slow enough to be killed before it would get an non priority stun off

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The thing is, practically every creature with Greater Stunning Strike I can think of has no choice but to use a Deceleration move on the opponent, or a speed-buffing move on itself to use up the delay on the GSS.
Tragodistis is an exception, but it’s more likely to go first due to its speed.
So the only real exceptions that come to mind are Monostegotops, which can use Distraction, and Tenontosaurus, which has Distracting Strike.

So that defeats the purpose of the move then, since they’re probably going to use GSS when they have priority.

Edit: Monostegotops has GSI, but it has the same cooldown and delay as GSS, so it makes no difference. Same with GSR.


The exception in a battle though is that if you killed something, and the next dino comes in when you have GSS off delay. But imo either way it should still get a shorter cooldown

Well yeah, I feel its fitting for all of them to have a 3-turn cooldown. Though, GSS shouldnt have a delay since its a strike.