Slowing impact and thagomizer bug


Stegoceratops is faster that stegodeus
Stegoceratops uses slowing impact and reduces stegodeus’s speed -50%
Stegodeus uses thagomizer and reduces other player’s speed -50%
But next turn stegodeus moves first. Why so? It used to move second in this case before the update.


when ur faster ur speed decrease wont work as you are already faster. the slower dino will always slow you down though


I’m pretty sure this is not the case. At least it never use to be.


It hasn’t before this update.
But yesterday it happened.


That’s not true. You reduce enemie’s speed in any case. You can get it if you thagomize dino and die this turn. It’ll remain be slowed.


@DanTheObscure I’m pretty sure you are wrong about that. You may not notice the slow down if you are already faster, but it does impose a status change unless the opponent is immune.

@Tenterro That is really weird.

Stegodeus is 107 so 50% = 53.5 so rounding up puts it at 54 after being slowed
Stegoceratops is 110 so 50% = 55, faster than Stegodeus by 1… should definitely be going first.

I wonder if they accidentally messed up their priority order for actions on specific dino’s? They did dink with it when adding in SIA and “Act First”/“Priority” attacks and Speed indicators during battle…


Yeah, it looks like it’s because the speed indicator new feature. I acted first, delayed the opponent. Then he or she used thagomizer and it ran new animation that shows that now he or she acts first. But it’s not true since stegodeus is also slowed.