Slowing Impact Cooldown Too Long?


So, I’ve thought about this in the past but it’s become a glaring question the more & more I look at & use it: Why does Slowing Impact have a 4 turn cooldown? I mean, Thagomizer does the EXACT same thing (50% slow, 1.5x damage, slows for 3 turns), but instead only has a 3 turn cooldown. Even Decelrating Impact on Gigaspikasaur does the same damage & slow amount, but only has a 1 turn cooldown! (Granted, it slows for 2 turns as opposed to 3). So why does Slowing Impact need 4 turns to regenerate?


Because Stegoceratops doesn’t need a slow with less than a 4 turn cool down. Lol


Maybe because ceratopsian would be too strong, but i doubt it. However I agree, to be balanced slowing impact should slow the opponent for 4 turns. Doesn’t make sense two same moves with same effects but with different cooldowns.


I think making it a 4 turn slow would give it some balance, I’ve just wondered what separates those 2 moves specifically