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Slowing Impact


I use Monostegotops. When I use Slowing Impact, I find that there are only 2 effective turns.
When I face an Utasinoraptor, it goes like this:
Turn 1: Utasino - Distracting Impact, Mono - Slowing Impact
Turn 2: Mono - Greater Stunning Impact, Utasino : No action (stunned)
Turn 3: Utasino - Instant charge, Mono - No action (stunned), Utasino goes first as it uses IC.
Turn 4: Utasino - Critical Impact, Mono - Died
If Slowing Impact lasts for 3 turns, Mono should go first on turn 4. Do I miss something?


The turn you use slowing impact counts as turn one of the debuff.


It’s a bug, thago is also 2 turn slow.


It shouldn’t count if you are the slower dino to use slowing impact according to how turn based games work. For instance, if you are slower and use distracting impact, the distract will start counting from next turn.


It shouldn’t count. But it does. The turn the slow debuff is applied counts as the first turn.


The decelerating impact and slowing impact has exactly the same effects in game if you have noticed. However on the description, one lasts for 2 turns and another lasts for 3. So this is either a description error or a bug.

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The text is wrong, or a foreshadow of 1.6. For now slowing impact and thag only last two turns. Not sure on decel impact because I don’t use anything with it or face it very often.


If the text says one is 2 and one is 3 then the description has been changed. They’ve both said 3 for as long as i can remember as far as i’m aware.


That’s interesting. They’ve actually lasted two for as long as I remember.


In practice they last two because the buff is applied in turn one of the debuff’s effect. Even if the description says 3.


So, it’s a mistake in the discription.
When it only lasts 2 turns, a cooldown of 4 turns is too long.
Why Ludia does not make these moves (Decelerating Impact, Slowing Impact and Thagomizer) the same?

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