Slowly Disappearing Event Drops


ok so I know I cant be the only one who has been noticing this. When the new update launched my whole town was flooded with Green Event Drops. An hour passes and half of them were gone. Now today I wake up and there’s a couple missing again and I went for a walk a little bit ago and noticed a few more were missing… what gives Ludia? Why taunt me with these only to take them away? In the picture there’s Suply drops in a big circle path. When the update launched all but one was Green then it dropped to 3 being green. This morning it was 2 and now it’s only 1. Like seriously why even put them up if you take them away just in time for the Epic dinos to spawn? It’s a bit of a cheap scam if you ask me… I understand that having them up may effect servers or whatever but I get tired of going for a walk to only notice last second that it’s no longer worth my time… i appreciate that there’s now more than one but if this keeps up the way it has been than I’m gonna be back down to one by next week and just be even more mad…


I have a feeling that the big increase in green drops after the update was to make up for the fact that the game was down for 4 hours during the common event so they increased the green drops for a while. Then it went back to normal.


Well my town literally had only one green drop and now it’s up to 10+, haven’t had a chance to scope out the whole town since update. Ever since update they have slowly been getting less and less. I doubt it was because of the maintenance because people have been complaining nonstop that they need to change the event drops to be more than just Parks because Ludia goes by Google maps and if your town don’t have a “park” in it according to Google than you’re SOL. That’s not fair in any sense.


Lot of people are reporting this. I can tell for what i see:

I do see that some green supply drops near my house are now orange supply drops, but I experienced as well that some supply drops that were orange yesterday, today are green.
I think we should see this in some few days, so Let’s see after sunday, when the pterosauro’s event is over, if something will change again,

Thank you for the green supply drops, Ludia!
Democratize green supply drops

And now there’s no Green Event Drops in my town… Way to go Ludia…


Yep. Completely gone today. So annoying.


Are there any now.

Kind of scared if they patch a fix I will lose my chance at the strikes I’ve been too buzy to do.


I haven’t checked a park but the 5 that were around my house are completely gone.


Happening to me too. One right by my house has disappeared, and one behind me is gone. All in visible sight that used to be there are gone. I mean, yesterday they changed one into a strike tower, so… I haven’t been able to do anything with the dinos of the day.


Yup all gone from my area even tho the rare event has supposed to of started…


The green drops used to allowance 2nd drop after watching a video. Now they don’t. What’s up with that?


I’m sure they’ll have it sorted soon, probably some issue upon starting the rare event.


I had that issue with the start of the single common pterosaur of this event after the last event, hours would go by since the last event and not a single event drop. But eventually they appeared, so i think its taking more than just an hour or two for the next batch to manifest. I used to have only one event drop in my village beforw the update so got abit worried when I saw none. But relieved to see they are still placing several event drops at my place now although they seemingly take longer to appear inbetween each event batch.


Same here there aint enough


Not a single one here. I never had any before the update so it was an amazing feeling when I though Ludia was going to actually include my area. Nope they just took it all away.


Today it is strange, indeed, I see very few green Supply Drops from 16.00 pm (I think it is 10.00 am EDT) when they refresh daily, today we have a lot of Strike Events so the green SD are turned into SE :flushed:


I dont understand Ludia at all… they are making it hard to want to play this game when every time I look start up the game I seem to lose opportunities to progress due to either there not being any Green Even Drops or there being a strike event only located across town… is there some coding issue or is there some reason at to why my town is being forgotten about?