Sluggish darting aim,advice?

yes. it’s too slow.

you know, but some creatures running fast
but new aiming of dart is way too slow
and hard to control.

I said it before, but you need to know this.
If you got something good,
don’t try to change it.

Hey lacazet2k, you’re able to adjust the Drone controls through the in-game settings menu:


I use classic drone. It’s the same drone that’s been in game forever. Use veteran if you don’t like the way the drone glides after you lift your finger off screen. Use rookie if… well don’t use rookie!


rookie is good for learning. can net you some direct hits, but the amount of darts used is a lot less compared to the other two settings.

Rookie is pretty good for commons imo. If you start using it on rares (especially titanoboa), then you’re gonna really struggle. I personally use the classic myself and I do pretty well. Not too sensitive with good speed

It all depends on which you prefer. I wouldn’t use anything other than veteran now. But classic might be what you need.

I Use Veteran And Veteran Only Lol I Recommend It

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I use classic because it’s what I’ve been using. If you want any advice on darting just hold onto the screen. The drone battery won’t drain and the dinosaur has a bigger target.

I use veteran. It fits perfectly with my darting style. Most of my hits are direct and I usually fire the max darts you can fire per dino. I tried classic, I was horrible lol…