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Sluggish darting aim

yes. it’s too slow.

you know, but some creatures running fast
but new aiming of dart is way too slow
and hard to control.

I said it before, but you need to know this.
If you got something good,
don’t try to change it.

Just STAY Good.


Darting in 1.6 felt nice and smooth.

Darting in 1.7 is very jerky and unpleasant.

I’m sure over time I’ll get used to it, but I really don’t understand why this had to change.


they really need to learn about how to let
something stay good…


Normaly i get DNA between the 200-300 now it is 150-250 most of the times now it is around 200

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So they did make a change… thats messed up man


Awful change !

This is not a mechanic one simply can get used to. On iPhone, the darting mechanic leading to this was very smooth and frankly worked perfectly fine. Now, the darting mechanic feels very clunky and shots I would previously land Direct Hits with ease are no longer the case, this being after I have finished darting 20 dinosaurs.

This was a bad move. I would highly recommend reverting the darting mechanic, atleast for iPhone. I could see how it COULD be beneficial for say like a Google Pixel, where I’ve seen the cursor fly quite far easily on my friends Pixel, but this is a major QOL downgrade on iPhone’s end.


Absolutely agree

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Honestly no idea why they would change something that nobody ever complains about… as you said, the old mechanic was perfectly fine. Agree with your post.


Yes I agree, I darted a Rex after update. I couldn’t go head to tail at all without wasting 5+ seconds. This slow sensitivity is going to be game breaking for fast moving targets who go head to tail like Rex, Spino etc


iPhone XS Max here, darting is just fine with the new roll out. I am darting more direct hits than ever and it’s still as fast. Not sure what’s up with other people.

Well on a non-plus sized iPhone, such as someone who may have iPhone XS, X, 8, 7, it’s not as effective as before.


New darting is terrible, why fix something that wasn’t broken. All I need to say.


This. Darting is now terrible.


IThis is easily 5 or more times as sluggish as the previous iteration. The dinosaurs are JUST as fast and agile as before and now I can’t hit anything even REMOTELY as well as I would otherwise have been able to.

I can’t even break 200 on an Anky G2 now. As a level 20 account I should be averaging around 400 thereabouts.

Absolutely insane of a change. Don’t tell me I just have to get used to the controls now because the drone is now ACTIVELY FIGHTING me to change directions and moves like a sloth.

Change it back!

Edit: Yea, it will “auto-guide” darts based on where the targeting reticle was when you fired, meaning you don’t have to “lead” it anymore but due to the reduced responsiveness of the drone, you cannot POSSIBLY fire off close to as many darts as you could before with the same amount of accuracy.

We don’t even get any extra battery time to make up the difference, either. This is strictly a scummy move from Ludia.

Ludia is trying to scam us out of the sheer quantity of DNA we can get.




Hoping I get used to it fast but it’s awful.

Metahub said it was better

Schooting darts sucks now!

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