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Small ceratopsids

If we get small ceratopsids would they have a new animation? I’m talking about ceratopsids like psittacosaurus here. They could end up getting the stiggy animation. Not protoceratops like ceratopsids. Those definently get a new animation.

Small ceratopsids :
Psittacosaurus (epic)
Koreaceratops (rare)
Aquilops (common)
Protoceratops (epic)
Udanoceratops (rare)
Protoceratops gen 2 (common)

Hybrids :
Tarboquilops = tarbosaurus + aquilops
Protomimus = protoceratops + struthiomimus
Tsintaoceratops = tsintaosaurus + koreaceratops
Udanoceras = udanoceratops + stegoceras
Oviceratops = oviraptor + protoceratops gen 2
Psittacolophus = parasaurolphus lux + psittacosaurus