Small Change for Gorgotrebax

Gorgotrebax has fallen at the wayside recently due to the superiority of Ref.

it just needs a small tweak to bring it up to speed with the other Apex’s

Below is what I believe could make this Apex fit in with the big boys at the top of the pack.

Gorgo Change

I have changed the speed from 113 to 121 as I feel that 113 is far too low for a cunning in comparison to all the other cunnings, it has one of the lowest speeds for it’s class.

the other thing I have added is a small crit change from 20-25 to allow for a bigger uptime of critical hits.

the last thing I have proposed is the on escape move ‘camouflage on escape’ just to have it be a top tier revenge dino, you can bring it in on a revenge and no matter what the enemy does they’re going to be hit by the massive damage from Nullifying rampage, and if they switch the damage is only increased as the crit chance will be set to 75% after an escape.

It’s not a big change but it is a relatively needed change to make this Apex feel a lot better than it does now.


Gorgo is alr a tyrant,I think this is not a bad change but I think camp on escape should be changed to a rampage or an attack.

it shouldn’t be in tyrant tier is the general consensus

Refren is not the only concern for Trebax.
Albert-OP-cevia and Parasauthops are more concerning.

Trebax is a revenge killer that shoulbe be able to easily counter OP-cevia, however it is not.
The same should be true for Paras, but it has such capacity for healing 100% of its bulk twice in 3 turns, that it is imposible for trebax for lowering it down . Whereas Paras’ rampage can finish off Trbax at once with one crit or just a chain of two attacks between heals.

To compete in the current meta, trebax needs more bulk and more speed. Just to be an average creature these days…

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Personally, I would add a speed reduction resist of either 50-75% as well