Small Change to Antarctovenator

Antarctovenator has been stated as the most balanced creature in the game by many of the player base which isn’t a bad thing, but it still gets deleted in any high end PvP and little to no use in raids (raid viability does really need to be addressed for a lot of creatures but that is for a different discussion)
anyway, I drew up this new and improved version of Toven to allow it to possibly feel better overall.


I’ve changed the cunning strike to a resilient strike
have added group cunning impact instead of vulnerable impact (which really isn’t a good move currently)
and have made it so the ferocity boosts team damage not just itself.
plus some small adjustments to hp, speed and attack

I really do love this dino, and I do understand that realistically the OP dinos at the top need to be fixed first but I want to see Toven get some well needed love for once.


We all need this buff!

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I love that DMG buff. Even witha little more its perfect!

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10 chars

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Yes please!

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Despite the creature being my favorite, I’m not really a fan of the buff. 3000 unblockable damage is insane, you could 2-shot the majority of the game’s creatures with it. The damage being buffed doesn’t really make sense either, especially looking at the creature’s playstyle and ingredients. Also making a buff too over-the-top defeats the whole concept of it being a balanced and versatile support creature and turns it into a meta creature, the one thing people wanted to avoid with it being so balanced.