Small change to Haast Max

Haast Max is probably one of the weakest Apex’s currently in the game, despite it’s stellar move set and a potential to be outstanding with the right set up. however some of it’s abilities are seemingly lack lustre.

Below I have made a couple of small changes and additions to just bump Haast Max up to a more reliable level for an Apex


Nothing from the base move set has change but I have incorporated Rocket alert (the ability it has in the raid) allowing it to have an ongoing speed increase as it is in battle as long as it is alive, with the alert making it even more deadly to face.

I have also tweaked how Obstruction to Flight works to allow it to be more rewarding from escapees

And finally I have added a speed reduction resistance of 50%, it isn’t much (it possibly isn’t necessary due to all of the speed increasing abilities) but I thought it could use a little bit of resistance against speed decrease.


Piercing screech needs to go the move is awful for a 3 turn cooldown.


Remove the counter then change piercing screech to group cunning impact/cunning rampage. The trend of apexes starting with ref having an exclusive no damage buff/debuff opponent move, a counter and an on escape is lazy imo. The implementation of said moves into raids is even worse hence 3 round counter attack borefests

I think its pretty good

Maybe Stun to 50 or 66 and Piercing screech to 2 turns to balance it out


I agree
10 chars

Make it a damaging move, 1X attack is enough. That way we wont get another broken move like SD.

I honestly think that piercing screech should be replaced by group cunning impact.
Should have a counter, but maybe the new critical counter because i think the raid version would make over the top

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Id just give it a higher crit chance. Critical counter is honestly 1 of the worst “we made this new move for the sake of innovating” moves since its rng and most things that even have it tend to not last long enough and just unecessarily drags matches with the animations