Small Dinos

Hi there,
I just wanted to check if there are anyone else who wants smaller dinos in game.
I am a teacher with two sons (4 & 7) who are really into dinos. They’re not pretty practical about web search but they are doing a great job about the dinos in the game. So, for us this game is more than fun, it is also educational. They learn some others from youtube vids and ask me about them.
I thought that Ludia would add some kind of dome or a facility -like they did for cenozoics or aquatics- for smaller ones like Epidexypteryx, Microraptor, Dilong, etc…

I hope you like the idea and support us.

Thank you all.


Welcome to the Forum @Ersan_Kasal! Yes, smaller dinos would be awesome, like Compsognathus. If Ludia adds them, I hope it’s with two creatures in one pen like it was for Jurassic Park Builder :arrow_down:

images - 2021-01-08T132019.665

Not a screenshot of mine, but this is how it was in JPB…


I didn’t play any other dino game, so thank you for this great info. This is even coller than I thought!
So, since it was done before it is possible to be done again.

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Herbivore: Lesothosaurus
Carnivore:Compsagnuthus, Dilong, Microraptor
Pterosaur: Nemicolopterus

Aqautic :Falcatus

this is a skull of an extinct animal called nigerpeton … just looking at the skull you would think it is a crocodile or some other type of reptile but it is an amphibian.
download (24)

this skull is 60 cm.

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Looks a bit like eryops but with a croc face lol

Its relative…

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