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Small family friendly alliance needing members


We are a small family friendly alliance needing some members. If you or your family would like to join, look for Tyrannotitans. We share when we can and hope for the same in return. Being active is a plus. We have room for about 30 or so more players. We have the foundation take it to the top. If interested, search for Tyrannotitans. Thanks for looking and hoping to see you soon in the alliance.


Just to add to the above post. We have 2 members over 4000 and 2 more in and out of the 9th arena. Several in the 2500-3000 range and moving up. We would of been happy playing with just the 10 of us that started the alliance but Ludia has made it necessary to be larger. If your interested in a friendly active no pressure alliance we are for you :slight_smile:


Why family friendly?
I thought all alliances were family friendly!


I sent a Request to join this alliance only lvl 9 2000 trophies willing to donate and work hard to help alliance meet goals


Out of curiosity, can I ask how far your current group made it in the alliance missions? Thanks in advance!


Rank 3 exploration and 2 for defense before it reset 4 hours early. We still managed to collect the rewards though.

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Bump. Still looking for more :slight_smile:


Bump. We are up to 25 or so members. Currently about halfway through rank 4. Levels or trophies dont matter, Just be active and donate as much as you receive :slight_smile: