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Small Fixes & suggestions:

Precise pounce: change description to show “bypass cloak”

Draco swaps: 2 moves after swap, not one. Somethings up.

Instant Inv: shouldn’t disappear before anyone takes a next turn. (IMO “1 turn” should be one move by each player)

I miss the days before reaching unique Dino’s (21 plus). There was such variety in arena. Ludia, you have a hurdle to get over. You may have worked yourself into a corner in regards to keeping the high arenas fun. Considering boosts and immunities. Boosts are more powerful when added to Dino’s that are already higher hp and attack. (So they help cunning type Dino’s less, as they rely on special status effects) Suggestions: reduce immunities slightly, add another status effect similar to distract or stun? Perhaps resilient type strikes shouldn’t removed distract completely? (This specific attack seems a bit op and/or too widely spread to me)