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Small Grypo change for raids

Grypo is fine at the moment for pvp because it counters some of the top creatures. But it’s not that good for raids.
But I think this is solved by making his shield move have a taunt effect.

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There are a lot of creatures that are good for raids and not for pvp and also some that are good for pvp and not for raids so it doesn’t matter much

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Yeah I just feel like we need different strategies because when its the same old strategy I feel like it will get boring over time.

It would be better for them to change the raids themselves than for the creatures to change

I don’t really see a huge need to change it, I have never seen anyone use it in a raid, so I guess adding a taunt effect to the shield and ferocious move would be fine

Yeah I think it would be a nice change that doesn’t change it at all in pvp but makes it usable in raids. Always trying to find out new strategies. The same strategy gets a bit boring for me personally.

It’s a pretty interesting idea. I don’t see any downsides.

If there’s ever a full boost reset, without much change to the swappers, Grypo will already be a absolute must in every teams… This woud reduce diversity.even more as there’s nothing better than fully boosting a dino that is good in PvP and Raids.Just look at Maxima. Nobody hesitate one second before boosting it even if it’s not a tyrant because it’s great in raids and PvP So, somehow, I would rather use a dino that is always on the bench for both raids and PvP, and make it useful in raid. There’s about 30 Uniques, so I would change one of the 20 that is a bench warmer instead…