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Small Monomimus Buff

Just a small buff for Monomimus, maybe 130 speed? To balance out it’s super frail health since it seems really sad now.


Yes please

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I’m not sure if the boosts can get Monomimus back to its original stats but I’ll try

I don’t remember original stats but boosts really crack out monomimus. It’s hilarious playing him. People aren’t used to dealing with it yet.

Mimus must have slept with a Ludia execs girl because she cant catch a break. Honestly, the could put it back to pre nerf stats now and it would still be far less prevalent with all the new additions

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The smiley faced bird


Just try and find the 1.4 or 1.3 patch notes or some thread during those updates

Yeah I could if I looked for them but I’m not worried too much lol

Well considering people are still using it i fully expect it to be nerfed in 1.8…

Lol. Naw they are at some point going to have to buff it if they want it to be nerfed more

I one point monomimus was one of my higher team members in levels… 1.5 hit and the loss of health hurt but i made it work for a while… then I found something to use while i stockpiled its dna. Then they nerfed its speed in 1.6…

Whats kinda funny is mono used to be a half decent indo counter…they took it away from it and tawny in 1.5 only to give it back to tawny in 1.7

Yeah but now it’s got a sweet sweet new skill that pairs exceptionally well with its other skills. Sadly I does need alot of boosts.

Yup I methed it out and it’s already dost it’s teef