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Small problems with guild/alliance chat


ok, my picture was flagged for reposting moderated content, so, I will just write what I said. I hope this doesn’t violate anything, because I am so confused about this. Here it goes… again.

Someone in chat asked a question, so I replied “I believe player level dictates it”. The comment was flagged for community guidelines. I tried rewriting it 2 more times slightly different to no avail.

I’ve noticed a few issues with the chat so far. In what world Is that phrase that got rejected offensive?

Also, I sent a message prior to those that just disappeared into the ether, no where to be found.

I am not complaining if that’s how it sounds. I would just like to know if anyone else has experienced similar events so the dev team can get to fixing them.

Side note: it would be awesome to have whispers and party chats to help cut down on chatter in the alliance chat rooms. Also, those would help to be able to coordinate with people on your friends list (not in your alliance) or recent battle list. Just a suggestion, but it would be pretty cool. Thanks for your time!


Community guidelines
Seriously with this chat filter?
Never send a bot to do a human's job

Yeah I’ve noticed the same. messages vanishing after pressing ok haven’t had the offensive message warning yet but give it time


I’ve tried sending “hi” and “welcome to the alliance” and one of my members has said “hello”. I could see the hi/hello possibly failing a spammy type filter, but it doesn’t give me a red warning at all…just never does anything after I hit send.


Told me to go to the community guidelines… nothing there said I couldn’t ask if I needed to change my logo!

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Also, when making an alliance topic, it says to share exploits? But it says here not to!

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Please ludia fix this, I’m Italian and a lot of words, that doesn’t go against rules keeps getting banned lol a lot of people can’t even write messages because the “autoban” for bad words works badly and we have to try a lot of different ways to say the same thing and it’s annoying



Really Ludia? Which guidelines would this be in breach of exactly?

You can’t trust us to behave ourselves? How can a string of code be expected to interpret context? Isn’t policing the chat down to the members themselves? I thought that was the point of the alliance leaders. They ensure everyone plays by the rules and deal with those who don’t by kicking them and reporting them when needed.

I really don’t get everyone’s obsession with using algorithms to interpret complex human social interactions. Youtube tried it, it doesn’t work. Facebook tried it, it doesn’t work and you’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.

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I’m getting the same “breach of guidelines” when naming my alliance. Now every time I open the app it sends me to the edit screen.

My alliance is “Murderbirds United”, or just MB United" in-game. (A “Murderbird” is slang for any raptor or large Theropod, it’s not what Ludia’s filter thinks it means.)


In our alliance we were debating about who to let in or out of our group. I responded to somebody when I got this message.
Can you tell me what I did wrong?

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I know there are certain words that are triggers for some reason that make no sense. Not bad or explicit words either. Kinda dumb


Ohh nice since my English is not so good. Hope I don’t have a chance on ban.


Hey guys, we updated the filter today to try and fix this issue. Failing the filter will not automatically earn you a ban, much like in the forums our moderators review everything before bans are sent out.

Also, thank you for taking the time to block out peoples usernames, I appreciate you keeping others involved anonymous.


Thanks for your answer.


Yeah, I’m having issues right now with naming my alliance. It’s the same message as seen above. Every time I start the app, it redirects to the edit page, and tells me that “MB UNITED” is against guidelines.


Facebook and discord are both trigger words


Thats actually interesting. Ludias way of trying to keep 3rd party communication away from their game. :thinking:


My alliances chat isn’t working at all. I type something, hit ok then nothing. No post, no warning, just nothing happens. It’s actually really annoying.


I keep having posts not appear in the Alliance chat and there is definitely nothing in those posts that breach any community guidelines.


We already have ridiculous rules and filters on the forum. Can someone tell me why I can’t say player level on the in game chat??? Yet it let those other three letters go through. Really??



Seriously? Don’t split my topic. Put it back.