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Small tweak to indos

Indoraptor Gen 1: Unique Super-hybrid

  • Health: 3,900
  • Attack: 1,500*
  • Speed: 130*
  • Armor: 0%
  • Crit: 20%
    Immune to stuns

Armor-piercing strike: deal 1x damage bypass armory. (1,500)

Cleansing impact: deal 1.5x damage, cleanse self. (2,250) cool down 2

Defense shattering pounce: destroy shields, bypass armor; reduce targets damage by 50% for one turn. (3,000). delay 1; cooldown 1. *

Evasive impact: deal 1.5x damage; gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of opponents damage for two turns. (2,250) Cool down 2 *

Indoraptor gen 2: legendary super-hybrid

  • Health: 4,100*
  • Attack: 1,400
  • Speed: 128
  • Armor: 10% *
  • Crit: 20%
    Immune to distraction and Stun *

Cautious strike: deal 1x damage, reduce targets damage by 50% for one turn, gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for two turns. Bypass evasion (1,400) *

Mutual fury: increased attack by 50% for self one turn and one for opponent. Increase speed by 10% for two turns. cool down 2 *

Precise armor-piercing pounce: deal 2x damage, bypass evasion and cloak abilities, bypass armor, Reduce targets damage by 50% for one turn (2,800) cool down 1 *

Cleasing impact: deal 1.5x damage cleanse self. (2,100) cooldown 1 *

Reasons for indo gen 1 changes

  • Attack change: literally all of its parents have more attack than it so making have more raptor should equal higher attack

  • Speed change: once again it’s not only once but twice was raptor dna added to it and it’s the fast Dinos in the game

  • loss of distraction immunity: higher attack and faster speed the thing can’t be able to have its attacks just taken at full force

  • loss of Defense Shattering Rampage: would help if a raptor would have distraction especially against Thors and tryko now that it’s lost an immunity.

  • loss of evasive stance: now with faster speed have a priority that leaves open to chance makes no sense and this would be a very interesting addition to its kit

*Indoraptor gen2 changes

  • health and armor change: thxs to blue the most beefy raptor it allows for indo 2 to be better at taking hit than its counterpart along with some armor to help

  • loss of Defense shattering rampage: precise pounce helps against evaders while being able to hold against chompers and mitigating there damage; although tanks will now be better counters

  • loss of Evasive Stance: cautious strike does the same effect every turn and having cleanse allows indo to deal with slowers and DoT users

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea
  • Interesting

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No thank you. That would ruin Indoraptor G1. He is fine as he is.

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Some good ideas.

This will make CS less powerful. Should please most people.

But indo 2 now gets two attacks that can bypass evasive abilities. That may need to be changed. Maybe remove bypass evasion in the CS move.

The thing is I made them each for their own niche

Indo gen 1 is an anti-tank and chomper with slows, distracters, nulliers and speedsters as counters

Indo gen 2 is an anti-speedster and chomper with tanks, slowers and nullifiera as it’s counters

So they basically fill different roles with each being good and better in there own separate ways

The biggest problem I have with this is that Mutual Fury is gone. I think it’s a really cool gimmick that works great when used right.
I think it needs to stay.

I’ll see but honestly being fast it doesn’t have a chance to use without screwing its self but I’ll take it into consideration and sleep on it and see what I think of it in the morning

Also perhaps keep the Indos Immune to Distraction but remove stun Immunity? Immunity to stuns is really common already.

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Ya but it be the only thing to help if from renex, para, turo, and other plus it’s now very weak well not weak but it has to be smart and careful thxs to losing of immune to distraction so I think it balances it out

It does actually, against Dilorachierus, Quetzorion, Procera (if it gets a precise rampage, Mutual Fury would give it a 100% chance of victory) and also anything with Deceleration. That means most tanks and some speedsters.

Mutual Fury is also the perfect move against Dsungaia after being slowed. Anything with Decel counter. Don’t forget Dsungaia could get a Unique.

The only creatures it’s not good against are creatures that are faster and can buff their own speed. And slow ones without Deceleration.

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Rinex has Decel anyway, so it’ll still be a problem. There’s nothing wrong with Tuoramoloch beating it, it deserves that kind of power.
Paramoloch will be annoying, but it can still be countered by Immunes.

Besides, the Indos are so common that if they lost Immunity to stun, Dilorach would suddenly become way better. Same with other stunners.

I find the speed increase on Indoraptor Gen 1 and the health increase on Indoraptor Gen 2 unnecessary, but I love the rest.

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The only thing that I’m not impressed by is the lost of evasion of indo2. Cautious strike has evasion but only for 1 turn and since it does not has the speed up anymore it is kinda underwhelming imo.

lol check again it lasts for two turns

Cs has evasion for 1 turn only, I’m 100% sure about that since i use indo2.

Thought about I added it back with one tweek and that’s the attack buff only last one turn

lol i mean did you check my cautious strike

Huh for some reason i didn’t see the 2 turn evasion. Now I’m feeling really dorky :sweat_smile:

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It okay so ya I made tha way you can just hit either do damage of go for mutual fury

They are great the way they are. No tweaking or nerfing is required. Learn to counter. It is very simple to do and it is a welcomed challenge that I thought everyone loves

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