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Smartest pig

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Bug Description:
The entelodion in gorgotrebax raid seems to have learn a new strat, but don’t use it all the time.

It is faking is own death, lying on the ground for the turn with 0hp, so no one else attack him.

And then BAM, it kill all your team next round.

Area is was found in: gorgotrebax raid

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- launch gorgotrebax raid
Step 2 - go for the win, kill the entelodon and be unlucky.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: randomly, but often when you are going to win.

What type of device are you using: android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here).
I think it happen to us while entelodon go for instant ferocity turn one, but I can’t be sure.

Hey there, Trache_eo. Could you contact our support team at with your support key so our team can take a look at this? If you have a screenshot of the issue, it would be really helpful if you included it in the email as well.

Thank you!

a raptor learning to use shields, a pig that can play dead, wonder what’s next lol


Sure, I just send a message giving as much detail as I remember.
Sadly, I was too surprise to screenshot.

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Miragaia getting thagomizer. Just kidding

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Can you please replace erilikogamma raid boss for baryonx raid boss

old blue can use shields though

Yes I am well aware of that, she also had armor at one point too I believe.
There was a bug report yesterday showing a regular common velociraptor using shields in a strike tower, so I was just making a little joke of creatures doing things that are new like a pig playing dead

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